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  Мережева Академія Cisco
Everything over IP and IP over everything.

П роекти реалізовані співробітниками академії

Netflow accounting collector for CISCO routers
  • Traffic accounting aggregation in a RAM.
  • Using MySQL server for store traffic information and fast access to it.
  • Independence stored information of router interfaces SNMP_id.
  • Report scripts included in distribution produce useful reports in HTML format.
  • Installation and configuration is easy (via configure script).
  • Lightweight
  • Abbility to gather data from more than one router.
  • TCP ports aggregation option.
  • Internal traffic counters based on IP filter rules
  • Integrated ISP traffic billing system

  • For detailed information about features and latest version please visit homepage of Flowc project.

SNMP monitor for Cisco boxes
    Portview is tool for simplification Cisco routers and switches ports monitoring via SNMP. It tracks and display bytes, packets and errors rate on interfaces. You need to specify only one parameter (IP address), rest of the work will be done portview automatically!

    For detailed information about features and latest version please visit homepage of PortView project.

Multicast Internet traffic eXchange network
    Multicast Internet traffic eXchange network provides ability for delivering multimedia content between participants via using IP multicast.

    For detailed information about Multicast-IX project visit project site

IP telephony
University IP telephony network
    University IP telephony network provides intelligent voice over IP calls routing between IP phones, university PBX and PSTN

    For detailed information about University IP telephony network project visit project site

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