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Module 1: Scalable Network Design

1.1 IIN, SONA, and the ECNM
1.1.1 Technological Revolution Cycles
1.1.2 The Network as the Platform
1.1.3 The Intelligent Information Network (IIN)
1.1.4 The SONA Framework
1.1.5 Cisco Enterprise Architectures
1.1.6 The Hierarchical Network Model
1.1.7 The Enterprise Composite Network Model
1.2 Scalable Networks
1.2.1 Scalable Network Design
1.2.2 Five Characteristics of a Scalable Network
1.2.3 Making the Network Reliable and Available
1.2.4 Making the Network Responsive
1.2.5 Making the Network Efficient
1.2.6 Making the Network Adaptable
1.2.7 Making the Network Accessible But Secure
1.3 Converged Networks
1.3.1 Traffic Conditions in a Converged Network
1.3.2 Routing and Routing Protocols
1.4 ITA Topology
1.4.1 Overview of the International Travel Agency
1.4.2 The ITA Logical Topology
1.5 Overview of Course Labs
1.5.1 Lab 1-0 TCL Script Reference and Demonstration
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