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Module 2: Teleworker Connectivity

2.1 Describing Remote Connection Topologies for Teleworkers
2.1.1 Remote Connection Topologies for the Teleworker
2.1.2 The Teleworker Solution
2.1.3 Options for Connecting the Teleworker
2.1.4 Components of the Teleworker Solution
2.1.5 Traditional Versus Business-Ready Teleworker Requirements
2.2 Describing Cable Technology
2.2.1 What is a Cable System?
2.2.2 Cable Technology Terms
2.2.3 Cable System Components
2.2.4 Cable System Benefits
2.2.5 Sending Digital Signals over Radio Waves
2.2.6 The Data-over-Cable Service Interface Specification: DOCSIS
2.3 Deploying Cable System Technology
2.3.1 Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC) Cable Networks
2.3.2 Sending Data over Cable
2.3.3 Cable Technology: Putting It All Together
2.3.4 Data Cable Network Technology Issues
2.3.5 Provisioning a Cable Modem
2.4 Describing DSL Technology
2.4.1 What is DSL
2.4.2 How Does DSL Work?
2.4.3 DSL Variants
2.4.4 Factors Affecting DSL Performance
2.4.5 DSL Distance Limitations
2.5 Deploying ADSL
2.5.1 ADSL
2.5.2 ADSL and POTS Coexistence
2.5.3 ADSL Channel Separation
2.5.4 Data over ADSL
2.5.5 PPPoE
2.5.6 DSL and PPPoE Deployment Options
2.5.7 PPPoE Session Establishment
2.5.8 Data over ADSL: PPPoA
2.6 Configuring the CPE as the PPPoE or PPPoA Client
2.6.1 Configuring the CPE as the PPPoE Client
2.6.2 Configuring the CPE as the PPPoE Client over the ATM Interface
2.6.3 Configuring a PPPoE Client
2.6.4 Configuring the PPPoE DSL Dialer Interface
2.6.5 Adjusting MSS and MTU Size
2.6.6 Configuring PAT
2.6.7 Configuring DHCP to Scale DSL
2.6.8 Configuring a Static Default Route
2.6.9 Verifying a PPPoE Configuration
2.6.10 Configuring a PPPoA DSL Connection
2.6.11 Configuring a DSL ATM Interface
2.7 Troubleshooting Broadband ADSL Configurations
2.7.1 Troubleshooting Layers 1, 2, and 3
2.7.2 Determine Whether the Router Is Properly Trained to the DSLAM
2.7.3 Troubleshooting Layer 1 Issues
2.7.4 Determining the Correct DSL Operating Mode
2.7.5 Troubleshooting Layer 2 Issues
2.7.6 Layer 2: Is Data Being Received from the ISP?
2.7.7 Proper PPP Negotiation
2.8 PPPoE Simulation Practice
2.8.1 PPPoE Simulation Practice
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