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Module 6: Cisco IOS Threat Defense Features

6.1 Introducing the Cisco IOS Firewall
6.1.1 Layered Defense Strategy
6.1.2 Private VLAN
6.1.3 Firewall Technologies
6.1.4 Stateful Firewall Operation
6.1.5 Introducing the Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set
6.1.6 Cisco IOS Firewall Functions
6.1.7 Cisco IOS Firewall Process
6.1.8 Stateful Inspection Enhancements
6.1.9 Alerts and Audit Trails
6.2 Configuring Cisco IOS Firewall from the CLI
6.2.1 Configuration Tasks
6.2.2 Pick an Interface: Internal or External
6.2.3 Configure IP ACLs at the Interface
6.2.4 Set Audit Trails and Alerts
6.2.5 Inspection Rules for Application Protocols
6.2.6 Apply an Inspection Rule to an Interface
6.2.7 Verifying Cisco IOS Firewall
6.2.8 Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Firewall
6.3 Basic and Advanced Firewall Wizards
6.3.1 Basic and Advanced Firewall Wizards
6.3.2 Configuring a Basic Firewall
6.3.3 Configuring Interfaces on an Advanced Firewall
6.3.4 Configuring a DMZ on an Advanced Firewall
6.3.5 Advanced Firewall Security Configuration
6.3.6 Complete the Configuration
6.3.7 Viewing Firewall Activity
6.4 Introducing Cisco IOS IPS
6.4.1 Introducing Cisco IOS IDS and IPS
6.4.2 Types of IDS and IPS Systems
6.4.3 Network-Based and Host-Based IPS
6.4.4 NIPS Features
6.4.5 Signature-Based IDS and IPS
6.4.6 Policy-Based IDS and IPS
6.4.7 Anomaly-Based IDS and IPS
6.4.8 Honeypot-Based IDS and IPS
6.4.9 IDS and IPS Signatures
6.5 Configuring Cisco IOS IPS
6.5.1 Cisco IOS IPS Signature Definition Files (SDF)
6.5.2 Cisco IOS IPS Alarms
6.5.3 Configuring Cisco IOS IPS
6.5.4 Cisco IOS IPS SDM Tasks
6.5.5 Selecting Interfaces and Configuring SDF Locations
6.5.6 Viewing the IPS Policy Summary and Delivering the Configuration to the Router
6.5.7 Configuring IPS Policies and Global Settings
6.5.8 Viewing SDEE Messages
6.5.9 Tuning Signatures
6.6 Threat Defense Lab Exercises
6.6.1 Lab 6.1 Configuring a Cisco IOS Firewall Using SDM
6.6.2 Lab 6.2 Configuring CBAC
6.6.3 Lab 6.3 Configuring IPS with SDM
6.6.4 Lab 6.4 Configuring IPS with CLI
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