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Module 4: Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing

4.1 Describing Routing Between VLANs
4.1.1 Inter-VLAN Routing Using an External Router
4.1.2 Describing Inter-VLAN Routing Using External Router Configuration Commands
4.1.3 Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing Using an External Router
4.1.4 Explaining Multilayer Switching
4.1.5 Frame Rewrite
4.2 Enabling Routing Between VLANs
4.2.1 Describing Layer 3 SVI
4.2.2 Describing Configuration Commands for Inter-VLAN Communication on a Multilayer Switch
4.2.3 Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing on a Multilayer Switch
4.2.4 Describing Routed Ports on a Multilayer Switch
4.2.5 Configuration of Routed Ports on a Multilayer Switch
4.2.6 Configuring Routed Ports on a Multilayer Switch
4.3 Deploying CEF-Based Multilayer Switching
4.3.1 Explaining Layer 3 Switch Processing
4.3.2 Explaining CEF-based Multilayer Switches
4.3.3 Identifying the Multilayer Switch Packet Forwarding Process
4.3.4 Describing CEF Configuration Commands
4.3.5 Enabling CEF-Based MLS
4.3.6 Describing Common CEF Problems and Solutions
4.3.7 Describing CEF Troubleshooting Commands
4.3.8 Troubleshooting Layer 3 CEF-Based MLS
4.4 Inter-VLAN Routing Lab Exercises
4.4.1 Lab 4-1 Inter-VLAN Routing with an External Router
4.4.2 Lab 4-2 Inter-VLAN Routing with an Internal Route Processor and Monitoring CEF Functions
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