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Module 7: Configuring Campus Switches to Support Voice

7.1 Planning for Implementation of Voice in a Campus
7.1.1 Converged Network Benefits
7.1.2 VoIP Network Components
7.1.3 Traffic Characteristics of Voice and Data
7.1.4 VoIP Call Flow
7.1.5 Auxiliary VLANs
7.1.6 QoS
7.1.7 Importance of High Availability for VoIP
7.1.8 Power Requirements in Support of VoIP
7.2 Accommodating Voice Traffic on Campus Switches
7.2.1 QoS and Voice Traffic in the Campus Module
7.2.2 LAN-Based Classification and Marking
7.2.3 Describing QoS Trust Boundaries
7.2.4 Configuring a Switch for the Attachment of a Cisco Phone
7.2.5 Basic Switch Commands to Support Attachment of a Cisco IP Phone
7.2.6 What is AutoQoS VoIP?
7.2.7 Configuring AutoQoS VoIP on a Cisco Catalyst Switch
7.3 Voice Support Lab Exercises
7.3.1 Lab 7-1 Configuring Switches for IP Telephony Support
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