CCNA Exploration 4.0. Routing Protocols and Concepts.

Chapter 10: Link-State Routing Protocols

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10.1 Link-State Routing

10.1.1 Link-State Routing Protocols

10.1.2 Introduction to the SPF Algorithm

10.1.3 Link-State Routing Process

10.1.4 Learning about Directly Connected Networks

10.1.5 Sending Hello Packets to Neighbors

10.1.6 Building the Link-State Packet

10.1.7 Flooding Link-State Packets to Neighbors

10.1.8 Constructing a Link-State Database

10.1.9 Shortest Path First (SPF) Tree

10.2 Implementing Link-State Routing Protocols

10.2.1 Advantages of a Link-State Routing Protocol

10.2.2 Requirements of a Link-State Routing Protocol

10.2.3 Comparison of Link-State Routing Protocols

10.3 Chapter Summary

10.3.1 Summary and Review

10.4 Chapter Quiz

10.4.1 Chapter Quiz

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