CCNA Exploration 4.0. Routing Protocols and Concepts.

Chapter 8: The Routing Table: A Closer Look

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8.1 The Routing Table Structure

8.1.1 Lab Topology

8.1.2 Routing Table Entries

8.1.3 Level 1 Routes

8.1.4 Parent and Child Routes: Classful Networks

8.1.5 Parent and Child Routes: Classless Networks

8.2 Routing Table Lookup Process

8.2.1 Steps in the Route Lookup Process

8.2.2 Longest Match: Level 1 Network Routes

8.2.3 Longest Match: Level 1 Parent and Level 2 Child Routes

8.3 Routing Behavior

8.3.1 Classful and Classless Routing Behavior

8.3.2 Classful Routing Behavior: no ip classless

8.3.3 Classful Routing Behavior - Search Process

8.3.4 Classless Routing Behavior: ip classless

8.3.5 Classless Routing Behavior - Search Process

8.4 Routing Table Labs

8.4.1 Investigating the Routing Table Lookup Process

8.4.2 The show ip route Challenge Lab

8.5 Chapter Summary

8.5.1 Summary and Review

8.6 Chapter Quiz

8.6.1 Chapter Quiz

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