CCNA Exploration 4.0. Accessing the WAN.

Chapter 4: Network Security


4.1 Introduction to Network Security

4.1.1 Why is Network Security Important?

4.1.2 Common Security Threats

4.1.3 Types of Network Attacks

4.1.4 General Mitigation Techniques

4.1.5 The Network Security Wheel

4.1.6 The Enterprise Security Policy

4.2 Securing Cisco Routers

4.2.1 Router Security Issues

4.2.2 Applying Cisco IOS Security Features to Routers

4.2.3 Manage Router Security

4.2.4 Securing Remote Administrative Access to Routers

4.2.5 Logging Router Activity

4.3 Secure Router Network Services

4.3.1 Vulnerable Router Services and Interfaces

4.3.2 Securing Routing Protocols

4.3.3 Locking Down Your Router with Cisco Auto Secure

4.4 Using Cisco SDM

4.4.1 Cisco SDM Overview

4.4.2 Configuring Your Router to Support Cisco SDM

4.4.3 Starting Cisco SDM

4.4.4 The Cisco SDM Interface

4.4.5 Cisco SDM Wizards

4.4.6 Locking Down a Router with Cisco SDM

4.5 Secure Router Management

4.5.1 Maintaining Cisco IOS Software Images

4.5.2 Managing Cisco IOS Images

4.5.3 TFTP Managed Cisco IOS Images

4.5.4 Backing up and Upgrading Software Image

4.5.5 Recovering Software Images

4.5.6 Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Configurations

4.5.7 Recovering a Lost Router Password

4.6 Chapter Labs

4.6.1 Basic Security Configuration

4.6.2 Challenge Security Configuration

4.6.3 Troubleshooting Security Configuration

4.7 Chapter Summary

4.7.1 Chapter Summary

4.8 Chapter Quiz

4.8.1 Chapter Quiz